Excellent Exterior Painting Services

Putting a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home has many benefits. For starters, it will boost the curb appeal of your property thereby increasing its value. Call us to hire our professional painters today!

Our Exterior Painting Process


  • Cleaning, including pressure washing, removing dirt, mildew, moss, and more.
  • Preparing and protecting areas that shouldn't be painted.
  • Removing loose paint by hand tool or electrical sander and feather sanding the abrupt surface caused by scraping to ensure smooth transitions
  • Caulking wherever necessary to eliminate gaps, split caulk or to fill in around trims
  • Making other minor repairs if necessary
  • Applying primer application when needed, such as to bare wood and post-sanded or scraped wood


  • Applying the first coat followed by back brushing or rolling
  • Applying the second coat

Clean up

  • Cleaning up daily when the job is complete
  • Packing the materials neatly
  • Collecting all the paint chips

Residential Exterior Painters

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